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We believe that technology can be of benefit to all companies.

Yours too.

Don't waste it, it's time to innovate !

Fontoso creates innovative and effective software and digital solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

All the services
All the services

specialized services for companies

Process digitalization and innovation

The screen is the most important place in the world.

Every company is becoming a digital product company and therefore has to think about the people, processes and tools it uses to adapt to the digital world.

Fontoso guarantees your company the knowledge and technological resources necessary to identify and create the most suitable digital product to create value for your business.

Online presence

To be successful, companies in any sector must have a strong digital presence and our passion is precisely to provide customers with the tools and knowledge to achieve results.

Fontoso offers advertisement graphics, social media marketing and strategic positioning on search engines to solidify your brand identity and make it more suited to your target customers.

And why not, even discover new ones.

Work with us

To meet the needs of each client we offer two distinct partnership models: the development of the whole project or the resolution of specific problems based on identified skill gaps.

Our versatility allows us to work with companies of any size, optimizing costs and investments needed by our clients.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 1

Per skill-gap

Our team is your team.

We integrate your internal resources with one or more resources from our team so that you have all the skills you need, whenever you need them.

Option 2

Per project

In your and our interest.

P Option 2 2

P Option 2 3

Tell us about your idea!

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