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Have a look at our software portfolio we realized together with our clients. Your success is our success.

Fontoso Cheffame app ios android


Native application for mobile iOS & Android systems

Cheffame is built on a Ruby on Rails API backend with a ReactNative frontend, a widely used framework supported by tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber and many more.

Application allows users to plan and book a private home-dinner with a professional chef. It is available both on Google Play Store and iOS App store.

Fontoso Cheffame app ios android

User Interface

Mobile-friendly and fluid user interface is a key characteristic of this extremely responsive app, working smoothly on devices of all sizes while keeping high performance standards even on limited connectivity scenarios.

Booking system

This application handles invidual micro booking and payment systems for every chef signed on the platform

Fontoso Art259Design e-commerce sito web


E-commerce portal and Virtual Showroom

Art259design has chosen to transfer its unique clothing design identity to their online shop and virtual showroom.

The two touchpoints, although functionally separated, are characterized by a coherent visual identity which truly embeds the minimalistic approach which characterized the clothing brand during its uprising.

Our Team managed to build a single, coherent, visual identity, sewing Art259 online touchpoints with their existing offline brand identity.

Fontoso Art259Design e-commerce sito web

User Interface

The graphic and visual interface, created ad-hoc for Art259design, has been adapted to a mobile-responsive view, as that is brands customers preferred media to browse collections and new items. in order to optimize SEO brand positioning for this project, our team created a single access touchpoint from which all brand channels are accessible from a single navigation menu.

B2C e-commerce

Art259design project includes an e-commerce portal open for brands enthusiast and new customers.

Virtual Showroom

Along the e-commerce portal, this project also includes a virtual showroom space for authorized resellers and retailers.

Fontoso Art259Design e-commerce sito web

Admin Panel

Art259design admin panel allows the brand to handle online business autonomously. Our team realized an admin dashboard from which all orders and promotions can be managed from creation down to shipping.

Safe payments

Payments, and invoices, are generated automatically by secure and incredibly reliable Stripe API, integrated right into our application source code.

Fontoso Arrivo a Terni e-commerce sito web

Arrivo a Terni

Multi-sided e-commerce platform

This platform allows local retailers to have a dynamic dashboard where all of their products get listed, ordered and delivered to customers door and services bookings can be managed. Customers can choose among a wide array of products offered by local shops on both “pick-up” and “delivery” mode.

Fontoso Arrivo a Terni e-commerce sito web

User Interface

Nowadays, majority of traffic comes from mobile clients, therefore we chose to adopt a mobile-first approach to make user interface fluid and responsive to all sort of mobile devices out there.

Thanks to JavaScript and React front-end frameworks, navigation from mobile devices appears smooth, fluid and performant for all users.

Shops Area

This application allows every shop to build an online store window to be populated with products and services for their customers

Safe Payments

Payments, payouts and invoices for each of the shops, are automatically generated by the secure and incredibly reliable Stripe API, integrated right into our application source code

Levi Strauss & Co.

Web portal and data visualization

Our team developed a front-end layer to showcase a multimedia business case with a specific focus on sales data visualization, allowing Levi’s management to extract easy-to-digest and actionable insights

Through a set of dynamically generated infographics and videos we produced in-house, Levi’s data analysis e data science team has been able to present an interactive interface for internal purposes.

This project has been developed using modern data visualization technologies such as MapBox to make geo-graphics and insights easily accessible.

Fontoso Levi’s Sito web & Data Visualisation