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5 reasons why every company needs its own app

A key investment for the future of every business





The more society moves forward, the more digital becomes an increasingly central element in our lives.**

And in a world where markets are becoming saturated faster and faster, every business should explore all the possibilities that the digital world grants it.**

One of these, if not the main one, are branded mobile apps. Indeed, for every possible business there are digital solutions and app development teams capable of expediting and optimizing its services and customer relations.

What's more, having an app provides businesses with the ability to forge closer relationships with their customers, solving issues related to recording and profiling customer habits and communicating to them.

To best illustrate the immense revolutionary potential of how companies address the market and their customers, here are 5 reasons why every company could benefit from developing a proprietary app:

1) Increase their brand value

The reputation of a brand is the fuel of the business to which it relates. The perceived value of a brand is something intangible and yet it is what makes the brand and its services desirable, visible and most importantly profitable. Brand value lies in multiple details including aspects related to the digital world, such as: the fluidity of a site's interface, the completeness of its various sections, and the functionality of the services it offers customers.

A company's app represents a natural extension of its brand.

A brand, whatever it may be, that knows how to equip itself with an app through which it can maintain direct and constant contact with its customers will demonstrate not only a greater degree of technological sophistication than its competition, but will also offer a more complete and immediate service to its customers, creating, at the same time, a community capable of recognizing itself in a symbol that they see every day on the screen of their smartphones.

2) Loyalty

You always return to where you've had a good time.

And if a company's services are always accessible to customers through a convenient app, the quality of the customer experience is bound to rise.

Any customer who needs it will be able to have a direct communication channel with the company, cutting out call centers, bureaucracies and emails with slow responses. A smooth, well-organized app will ensure that the customer remains yours not only when they contact your company, but every time they use their smartphone.

3) A new marketing channel.

If customers can reach the company, the company can reach customers through the same channels. In app marketing is a much simpler practice than classic marketing on social channels for the simple reason that the company does not need to find the customer to convey its message to them but is able to branch out communications and/or promotions to all its customers through one medium.

Whoever has a new product or who offers a new service will have a way to communicate it immediately to all those who have already purchased that product or service.

It is also a crucial step in activating a multi-channel marketing strategy that creates value for your company.

4) Personalized customer service

Customer service can be one of the thorns in the side of all businesses in terms of cost, logistics and organization.

Yet, having one can be a discriminating element in determining a company's success, enticing its customers to return and use reliable service. Through the preferred channel of the app, customer service can become an effective and easily manageable tool for the needs of all those who use a company's services, or, for those who need help with the care or handling of a newly purchased product.

The ability to receive and send notifications via a proprietary platform, allows each business to address each customer in a personalized manner, and at the same time be able to automatically create a history of each customer, more efficiently managing the resources they devote to customer care and customer success.

5) Integration with other phone features.

The ability to use an app also allows you to take advantage of all the features that modern smartphones have.

Whether it's the ability to make online payments, manage calls, send photos through a chat service, or use geolocation, being able to take advantage of the full technological apparatus provided by a smartphone will make your app increasingly fluid and interactive and much less obstructive than a traditional website for customers who prefer a simpler interface.


This article offers a brief analysis of the possibilities and potential that mobile apps can offer by increasing the value, real and perceived, of a company and its brand.

However, it is Important to note that the design and functionality features of an app play an important role in determining value creation for companies.

The use of branded mobile apps is not a simple strategy but, if managed and designed correctly, it can increase the chances of building a competitive advantage for the company that will treasure it.

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